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Top 10 Strongest Air Force in The World 2016

What Are World Top 10 Strongest Air Force

Every country wants to strong-arm as well as an air force. A powerful air force protects the country. Most air forces perform humanitarian mission when needed. There are many air forces in different countries. Here we describe top ten largest air force 2016 in the world.

1.The United States Air Force

The United States Air Force

The greatest air force in the world It is founded in 1947. It knew as the world’s most technical air  force. This force has 332,854 active personnel and 5,484 aircraft. It is responsible for American’s air mission as well as a country space mission. This air force owns the largest number of warplanes in the world that equals to the rest of the world put together. United Force has $140 billion budget. The members of USA air force are very health conscious and keep physical fitness assessment.

2. Russian Air Force

Russian Air Force

The Russian air force formed in 1992. This air force suffered from many difficulties in its early years. When Vladimir Putin became president of Russia, he gave a lot of money for the betterment of the force It has 180,000 personnel and more than 4,274 aircraft. It has 1900 combat aircraft. It is 2nd largest air force in the world.

3. China, People Liberation Army Air Force

China, People Liberation Army Air Force
The people Liberation Army came into being in the year 1949. The Chinese prepare their fighters and bombers. People’s Liberation Army has 1500 combat aircraft, 330,000 active personnel and more than 2500 aircraft.

4. India, Indian Air Force

India, Indian Air Force
The Indian army formed in 1932. After the establishment of Pakistan and India, the Indian air force was known as Royal Indian Force. Now this force has 127,000 workers and 1500 aircraft. This air force is producing hundreds of Sukhoi Su- 30 MKI air fighters under license of Russia. Indian army uses fighter against Gulf War.

5. North Korea, Korean People’s Air Force

North Korea, Korean People’s Air Force
It is known as the strongest force that defends its airspace. It formed in 20Th August 1947. This day still celebrated as the Air Force foundation day. This air force has 1500 aircraft and 110,000 personnel.

6. Pakistan, Pakistani Air Force

Pakistan, Pakistani Air Force
Pakistan Air Force is the sixth largest air force. It established in 1947 with the independence of Pakistan. At this time, it is called Royal Pakistan Air Force. At the date of independence, it was not enough equipment and aircraft.when the country republic then names changed to Pakistan Air Force. It has total 65000 personnel and 902 aircraft. The chief of the air force is Mr. Tahir Rafique Butt.

7. Turkey, Turkish Air Force

Turkey, Turkish Air Force
Turkish Air Force founded in 1923 with the Republic of Turkey.Turkey is a military powerhouse, especially in its region. It has over 400,000 personnel and 736 aircraft. This air force operates a large number of F-16 Fighting Falcons.

8. The United Kingdom, Royal Air Force

The United Kingdom, Royal Air Force
In 1918, When Royal Naval air service and the Royal Flying Corps combined Royal Air Force established. Due to their possession, Royal air force is the largest force. It had 826 aircraft and 40,000 personnel in 2012. Sir Andrew is the Chief of the Royal Air Force. It is also part of British armed force.

9. Japan, Air Self-Defense Force

Japan, Air Self-Defense Force
Japan considers an island nation that surrounded by sea. Air Self-defense is an important arms force of Japanese. It established in 1954. Air Self Defense Force has 791 total aircraft and 45,000 personnel. Their main purpose is defending Japan and supporting their land. Japanese air force consists of more than 500 combat aircraft units.

10. Iran, Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force

Iran, Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force
Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force is the part of Iranian military armed. That established in the 1980s that follow an Islamic revolution in Iran. They play an active role in 1948 war of independence. It has 52,000 active personnel and 500 aircraft.


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